About Taka Yacht

We are a company set up by two naval architects in Istanbul, Turkey. Our main objective is to design and build yachts of highest calibre. We also are marketing boatbuilding products of well known brands. As we are using these quality products, we are extendending our experience and expertise to our customers.

The Taka Team is comprised of naval architects, an architect, an industrial designer, a technical drafts person, boat builders.


We at Taka are capable of designing a wide range of vessels as can be see in the pages of our site. Materials which we can use in the structures are wood-epoxy, composites, steel, and aluminum. We are used to working with class authorities (like ABS, LR, TL, RINA, etc.) and CE rules. According to the intended flag, MCA is also within our design and know-how capabilities.

As we are builders ourselves, our details are developed to the spesific requirements of the selected builders.

We handle a design project in two parts: Preliminary and Contract. In the Preliminary Stage, we will be contracted to develop a concept from the customer’s original brief. Once these initial studies reach a satisfactory concept, builder possibilities and cost estimates can be sought for. If and when the client decide to go ahead with the build, we will sign a yacht design contract which details our services, list of drawings and documents to be produced, fees, payments, royalties for repeat builds, etc.

Our tailor like approach to each project enables us to be flexible according to the customer’s wishes. Hence for the building of yacht we can provide a minimum of control and consultancy or we can deliver the complete vessel on a turnkey basis.

We refer to build one-off projects up to 100 feet (30 meters) in wood-epoxy. When weight is not very important steel becomes the obvious choice above 65 feet (20 meters). Also we are developing new building projects utilizing composites ranging from plain GRP to sandwich structures with poliproplene honeycromb or Core-cell, cores and multiaxial fabrics. Full range of resin systems are also used in our projects. We use special composites including carbon reinforcements extensively for components of our boats: masts, superstructures, hatch covers, passarelles and bulkheads.

Osman Tanju Kalaycıoğlu
Naval Architect

Our Team

Özgür Emre Terzioğlu

Designer – Architect

Elif Akyüz

Naval Architect

Ozan Yavuzyigit